Teleworld - ILLUSTRATED Edition

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Colorworld Book 2: Teleworld

Now that Wendy has decided Gabe is good for her, it's time to move the relationship forward. Is she jumping the gun or does she know something we don't?

Follow Gabe & Wendy as they track down Kaylen's Father. Find out what Robert knows about Wendy's long lost father and just how far his resources reach.

As the adventure presses forward, the players are taking sides. Which side will you be on when the dust settles and the cars fall to the ground?

Book 2 is Illustrated by Tiffany Ciper in Anime Style with 14 full-color illustrations spread throughout the book when the story spoke to Tiffany the most. This unique shared experience between you and the artist can only be purchased directly from us and in a few select book and comic book stores throughout the country (please message for a store in your state).

Hardcover is special-order only.